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Ilde Rampino



In Dall'Olio's painting, lives landscapes' soul

An versatile artist, Dall'Olio participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, such as the Intemational Expo in Miami and Art Expo in New York City. Significant  for his art's evolution, are his numerous trips to Turkey, Morocco and Malaysia that gives a more wide-ranging cultural and imaginative to his painting. In his paintings stand out colors imprinted in the soul of things, broken objects in search of an otherness that you can not find, nell'affastellamento random play of light shimmering in the sunlight, tree-like raised layered on top of our existence as a bulwark of our secrets, how to protect us from feelings that could hurt us. 

Fantastic landscape, whose bright colors seem to refer to a mask placed on the "enchanted city" of our day, a sort of simulacrum of a hidden escape from themselves. Stationary objects and accurate in their sharp lines as symbols of something that defines the time and space that embraces them and not to lose them in the fog unaware of the existence of the flow opaque. Is a kind of labyrinth, in which the winding streets of an inner search intersect, creating indissoluble bonds and dig inside her magical paths to proceed in the stormy sea of life. And the towers, slides between them like an embrace, represent a sort of critical transition in which to create a fixture that is facing, such as novel Narcissus, clear water of the deepest feelings that wash away the shreds of bitterness. 

Will prove to be a cross-section of an art then surely the original offer important insights for reflection on our own.

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