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Francesca Bogliolo



To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, 

One clover, and a bee. 

And revery. 

The revery alone will do, 

If bees are few. 


Emily Dickinson



The enchantment of the narration is very far from being exceeded. Fairy tales go on handing down an ancient memory, made of dreams, unreal situations that acknowledge the everyday of everyone, and through their plots they reveal the most unconscious reality of everyone. The narration tends to escape from reality, even presenting it in its intimal substance. It’s the dram of a dreaming man or a man dreamt by someone, whose contours become thinner, and whose oneiric apparitions gain unaware meanings.

If it’s true, as supported by a nowadays writer, that “in people’s eyes you can see what they will see, not what they’ve already seen”, in Luca Dall’Olio’s baby-eyes we could see the contours of dreams able to amaze even the eyes of an adult, incredulous in front of the possibiIity of seeing his world under another point of view, hidden or uncovered in his endless complexity. The painter keeps faith with his innocent baby-look, reinterprets ancestral contents and concentrates them on the canvas in an expressive instant. In his paintings, Luca Dall’Olio reveals a deep comprehension of the essence of art and of its most significative manifestations; represented spaces, outlined with pictorial ability, are spaces of soul, where the artist perpetually wanders, as in a labyrinth build up by himself, of wich he knows ways and boundaries.

A mythologic, absolute and eternal sense tells ancient stories of present contents, fairy tales atmosphere and magic languages bring the observer to another dimension, where everything seems possible, where even colors change according to feelings. The choice of tone changes in relation with thoughts, dreams, artist’s aspirations: through the balance of the composition we reach art internalizing. Luca Dall’Olio approaches a new subject with enthusiasm, the same enthusiasm used to find a metaphor to express the deeper meaning of life, without forgetting the “magic tonal attune” suggested by Gaugin.

In order to achieve his aim, the artist creates a personal language, similar to the magic and evocative language of the fairy tales. If the “once upon a time” introduces “another” world, colors and Luca Dall’Olio’s atmospheres prepare the observer to the visual listen- ing of a new, poetic, pictorial conception, from where you can be enchanted without any hesitation. Dream will be exhaustive than, to make art possible, even if the colors are a few.


“In people’s eyes you can see what they will see, not what they’ve already seen. He told like this. What they will see” 

A. Baricco, Novecento

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